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Land of Colour and Life – Mexico | Micimage

June 7, 2012

Land of Colour and Life – Mexico | Micimage
San Blas Mexico - Mickey Ross First site of the coast and San Blas where we would spent the night on the beach getting eaten alive by gnarly invisible ...

READ and VIEW Great Photos HERE - scroll dow…

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Wanderlust - "Semana Santa"

May 23, 2012


.....We arrived in San Blas on Monday, which gave us couple of fairly calm, although painfully aware of mosquitoes days to explore the town. Ignorant of it’s history an…

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A Visit From Ajijic to San Blas Nayarit Mexico

February 17, 2012
A Visit From Ajijic to San Blas Nayarit Mexico
.......To the birders of the world, San Blas is famous. Over two hundred species of birds show up there in the winter months. There is an International Bird Festival that lasts for two weeks during the winter and there are many local excursions or…

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Road Work Coming into San Blas Continues

March 20, 2011

San Blas, Totally Mexico

March 20, 2011

San Blas Totally Mexico – Feb 18 – 22 2011
San Blas feels like Mexico The people only speak Spanish most of the streets are dirt with some cobblestones the center of town is a plaza in front of the ...

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Photos of Ruins of La Contaduria

February 17, 2011

Stock Photo of San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico | John Mitchell Stock ...
Ruins of La Contaduria, an 18th Century Spanish Counting House and fort on Cerro de La Contaduria overlooking the town of San Blas, Nayarit. Mexico.

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San Blas or Saint Blas

February 4, 2011

SV Kokomo - Denny & Becky

We called for a panga to guide us cross the bar into the San Blas Estuary. We anchored outside of town in 11 feet of water. We soon learned that this was a special day. Saint Blas blesses the fishing fleet today and it's considered a holiday. There was a special mass, s…

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Expaticus - San Blas - Birds and Estuary

February 4, 2011

Expaticus - San Blas - Birds and Estuary

San Blas is an ideal stop for cruisers because it is one of the only anchorages on the Gold Coast/Riviera that has not been overdeveloped with condos, hotels, and California style beach mansions. The historic, rustic ambiance that emanates from San Blas leav…

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SV Jeorgia

December 29, 2010

The Bells of San Blas
By SV Jeorgia
Next leg of our journey was a motor ride from Isla Isabel to San Blas. San Blas was founded around 1530, and in the 1700’s was one of the busiest ports on the west coast, especially as a center of Spain’s trade through the Philippines. It is also the port from whic…

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Fun time in San Blas

December 8, 2010
Fun time in San Blas San Blas Mexico Travel Blog
Fun time in San Blas: Read the story and see 63 photos of a visit to San BlasMexico by TravelPod member slowayround. READ MORE

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Takin' it easy

November 25, 2010

Dad came to San Blas with some friends a couple years ago and loved it, that's why 
we decided to meet up with him here. It’s a tranquil fishing village of about 9000
people. It has all the makings for a popular tourist stop (warm weather, sandy
beach with decent surf, river and jungle) but …

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Santosha Patrick, Tammy, and Jacks sailing adventure

November 18, 2010
Santosha: San Blas
By Patrick, Tammy & Jack
We have reached the heart of MexicoSan Blas is far from the tourist resorts and is an authentic Mexican town. We went to shore and walked into town to the Mercado to find a few provisions. We were the only americans and very few ...READ On....

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Mexico, Tropic of Cancer | All In One Boat

November 6, 2010

Mexico, Tropic of Cancer | All In One Boat
By Will Kirkland 
Most of them appeared on a four hour boat ride through a mangrove water-way in San Blas, about three hours north of Sayulita. Our boatman's name was Chencho, a man younger than we are I'd bet, turned old by the sun and decades of ...

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What I Learned from Six Weeks in Mexico

August 7, 2010

Making Strange: What I Learned from Six Weeks in Mexico
By Amy
One cold, rainy London day in April I came across some information about San Blas, a small fishing village of about 8000 people on the Pacific coast of Mexico about a two hour drive North of Puerto Vallarta. It ticked all my boxes: it …

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Whinging About Mexico

June 24, 2010

Making Strange: Whinging About Mexico
By Amy Thibodeau 

I know it sounds like I hate it here, but it's actually pretty okay; it's weird and a bit uncomfortable but every day I see something beautiful....For more images of San Blas, Mexico (and less whinging) visit my Flickr photo stream

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San Blas: Acclimatising

June 19, 2010

Posted by Amy 

The first few days we were here we were completely lost and fighting the urge to take the bus right back to Puerto Vallarta and the convenience of air conditioning and chain stores. Between the heat, my bug bites and the gigantic spiders in our apartment I honestly wasn't sure if we…

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Jon Vellner: Mexico Flashback (part 4)

May 15, 2010
Jon Vellner: Mexico Flashback (part 4)
By Jon Vellner 
The next day we would already be one our way to our next destination, San Blas. Luckily it was a gorgeous morning so we managed to get a few shots of Tepic before leaving it behind. I loved the view from our hotel window of the old ...

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Marina Rats | SV THIRD DAY

April 19, 2010
Marina Rats | SV THIRD DAY
Ask most cruisers floating around Mexico what they know about San Blas and the typical answer is "Bugs". Although there is much more to San Blas than the bugs, no one could argue that bugs don't shape the character and atmosphere of San ...

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More Nostalgia about Mexico

April 15, 2010
The Life of a Painter: More Nostalgia about Mexico
By john 
Mexico was the first foriegn country I ever visited. I have spent well over two years of my life there.San Blas, Nayarit, on the west coast is my favorite place. I have been there at least a dozen times over the years. ...

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BAJA HOPPERS: Matanchen Bay to San Blas

April 11, 2010
BAJA HOPPERS: Matanchen Bay to San Blas
The first church in San Blas where the bells for which the poem was written originally hung. Again for the fourth graders out their studying the Spanish colonizing of California and Mexico, this church is only a few hundred yards below ...

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